December 8, 2009

6 Days of Basketball

It's kind of like the 12 days of Christmas, only not at all. Starting last Wednesday and ending last night I went to at least one basketball game every day. It all started when I won some OKC Thunder and OU men's basketball tickets last week via Twitter (@baileybakes). So Wednesday night I headed to the Thunder game with friend Ryan. The following night was an OC double header, women's game at 6 and men's at 8. As long as I can remember my family has been going to the OC games and sitting in the same area, even when we didn't live in the city. So its just kind of natural that we have continued to go to the games.

Friday night the Thunder were playing the Celtics which was going to be a huge game, and some friends decided we should try and get tickets. They found some online on Friday afternoon and we headed downtown that night for the game. To say parking was a hassle is putting it lightly, we were 40 minutes late for the game, but we still had a good time.
Did I mention we were on the top row? Oh yeah we were, I think I got altitude sickness from being that high, but the jury's still out on that one.

A picture of friend Matt, friend Pip and friend Ryan at the game. Matt, why do you look so creepy?

Saturday I was invited to watch some of said friend's church league basketball game at 10am. I set my alarm and showed up at the church at 10 only to find out that their game wasn't until 11, awesome! I was able to kill some time at a Gotcha Party down the hall for precious baby Mariah Kingcade, then made it back to the game at 11.

Later that day I went to some more OC men's and women's games and got to see the cute cheer clinic girls perform their cheers and dances.
As mentioned before, I won tickets to an OU men's basketball game along with the Thunder tickets and that game just happened to be on Sunday vs. Arizona. My brother-in-law had been wanting to go to an OU game, so he and my sister came up from Tulsa and we headed south to Norman along with my dad, to watch the Sooners duke it out with Arizona. We ate at my favorite BBQ place, JR's in Norman on the way, and it was delish as always.

We didn't know how stinking great the seats were going to be until we got there, this picture is not zoomed in at all folks!

Bro-in-Law Kendall got up close and personal with Sooner

We saw Toby Keith across the court at the game

And Sherri Coale was there too

I finished out my 6th day of basketball at yet another OC game. Or two. They both won their games, but the men's game was certainly a close one!
The Lady Eagles in action

Baby M (my foster sister) and cousin Nora playing during the OC Men's game

Jason Taylor at the free throw line during the last minute or so of the game, and what an intense minute it was!
And there we have it folks, lots of basketball and lots of good times with friends and family.

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