January 9, 2010

On the Wings of Love

Okay, so raise your hand if The Bachelor is your guilty pleasure (hand raised). What can I say, this is the 14th season and I've only missed one, and that was because it was on when I was living in Vienna. Needless to say, I love ABC. I have been looking forward to this season in particular because I LOVED Jake when he was vying for the love of Bachelorette Jillian Harris on the last season of the Bachelorette. He's from the Dallas area and he just seems like a nice southern gentleman. I mean, I would definitely date him, just saying. So anyway, Monday was the big day, the reveal of the 25 lucky ladies who would spend 6 or so weeks trying to win the love of one Jake Pavelka. Amy K came over to watch with me, its a tradition for us, we've been watching the show together for like almost 8 years, since my freshman year of college. I had obviously looked through their profiles online beforehand and chosen my favorites.

These girls are hands down the trashiest girls that have ever walked through the doors of the Bachelor mansion. I can't even begin to tell you how many bad pilot jokes these girls came up with (because our Bachey is a pilot) and how many of them flat out embarrassed me by what they said. My favorite would have to be Channy from Cambodia who said something to Jake in her native language and told him to find her if he wanted to know what she said. And do you know what she said to him? Brace yourselves, this is bad, real bad. She said to him "You can land your plane on my landing strip anytime". Yeah, she went there.

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, will ever compare to the moment when she said that to him, he was obviously speechless.

To end the show we like to have our own special drinks during the rose ceremony, our favorite, peach Bellini s(recipe here).

Oh, did I mention that we like to get really dressed up to watch the show? Yeah we do!
Come on over on Monday nights at 7 to enjoy this embarrassment to women all over the world with us.


  1. Ok, wow! I didn't watch last week... the landing strip comment makes me scared! ha! I'd watch it for a peach bellini :) ha!

  2. I used to watch but decided to stop when I cut out several shows a couple of years ago that I was addicted too! However, Monday I felt like being lazy and so I was flipping through and found it. I'm thinking I'm going to HAVE to see it this season!!

  3. Like every other season, I vow NOT to watch it, but can't resist. Jeff walked out on me last night 'cause he couldn't believe I'd watch that trash. My house...my trash.