December 1, 2008

You might be next...

I've been tagged by Lita to post the 4th picture in the 4th album of my computer. I was wondering what it might be, figuring that it was either a picture from Disney world or an OU football game since that is what I have the most pictures of and I was right. Here is a picture from the OU-UNT game last year on Labor Day weekend.

This picture was taken at my first game as an OU season ticket holder, and what a wonderful game to kick it off. The final score was 79-10, we almost left early because we were so far ahead, but decided to stay for the whole first game of the season. I took the picture after the game was over and the players were headed back into the locker room, fans were huddled around the edge of the field to maybe have a chance to high five one or two of the players, and I was a little behind them. My dad and I have now been through 2 seasons as season ticket holders and I don't see that ending any time soon. I love me some Sooner football!!! BOOMER SOONER!
I guess now I have to tag some others to keep this going. I choose Amanda and Jessica. Lets see what pictures you come up with!

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