September 30, 2009

The Great State Fair

A lot has gone on since I last posted, I'll just give a brief overview.
Went to Mexico with friends - fabulous
Got a nasty virus from family when I got home from Mexico - not so fabulous
Went to Disneyworld with family 6 days after I got home from Mexico - fabulous again
OU Football season started - always fabulous, even though they lost the season opener
Oh and my mom started a blog somewhere in there, visit her here.

So back to the here and now. The state fair of Oklahoma was in town for about a week and of course I paid a visit. Well make that 3 visits. I can't help myself, there's just something about the fair that I LOVE. Maybe its all the random fried foods, or it could be the freak shows that come out of the woodwork to visit the fair, but I just love it. I went with friends on the first Friday night and I ate a corndog (always the first thing I eat), a jug of rootbeer and fried garlic mashed potatoes. That's right, I said fried mashed potatoes, and they were delish despite the fact that they used instant mashed potatoes. I went back to the fair on Saturday night with my sister and bro-in-law to see Chuck Wicks in concert. That night I just had some ribbon potatoes and a cherry limeade, and they were great. So I decided to take a few days off from the fair, actually I wasn't going to go again at all, all that stuff really adds up. But my good friend Matt Johns was performing with the Rodeo Opry on Thursday night and he had some extra free tickets, so obviously I said yes! I decided not to eat at the fair that night because I couldn't make myself spend any more money there!

I don't have any pictures of the food (what was I thinking) but here are a few pics from the fair.
Chuck Wicks singing to me...

Matt singing with the Rodeo Opry

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