September 26, 2008

Swift Rascals...Taylor Flatts???

I know I said this would be a cooking blog, but I need to write about this amazing concert! Last night Avery, Maddie and I made the trek to Tulsa to the new BOK Center to see Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift. We bought the tickets for Maddie for her 16th birthday back in April, needless to say we have been anxiously awaiting September 25 since then! So we left Edmond yesterday around 4:45 and made it to Tulsa in time to go eat at Olive Garden in Utica Square before the concert. We headed over towards the BOK Center, not exactly sure where to park, but we made it!
Here we are in front of the BOK center, you can't really tell but its HUGE and one side is entirely glass!
I didn't expect much from Taylor Swift because I had heard she wasn't great live, but she totally impressed me. She was very, very humble and so thankful to all her fans for supporting her. And she was very energetic on stage, here she is 'playing' the trash can. Then there was intermission, and we took a few pictures... we were laughing in this one
Then, the climax of the night for me was Rascal Flatts. I have wanted to see them in concert for years now and have always seemed to miss their concerts (I am what some might refer to as a 'concert junkie' I go to them all the time). So this was it, I have been waiting for this moment for over 6 years. And they certainly did not disappoint. Theirs was the coolest entrance to a concert I have ever seen.
They came in from a set of stairs descending from the top of the arena, it was fantastic! They sang ALMOST every song I wanted to hear, but for some reason did not sing Oklahoma-Texas Line, I thought that would be a given since we're in Oklahoma, but oh well! It was a great concert. And then we got lost on the way home...I'm still not exactly sure how we ended up in Stillwater, but we finally made it home at 1:30am. Good times!

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