September 27, 2008

Cheese Enchiladas

Let me start by saying that I am a HUGE Mexican food fan, so you will probably be seeing a lot of enchiladas, casseroles and soups of the Mexican persuasion. Cheese enchiladas seemed like a fun challenge, something I had never made before and something I can't remember having homemade before. Here are the ingredients:

1 (8oz) can enchilada sauce
1 (16oz) can tomato sauce
2 Tbsp chili powder
1/4 C water
1 large onion, diced
10oz Monterey Jack cheese
10oz Cheddar cheese
12-15 corn tortillas

I began by sautéing the onions in a skillet with butter, I wanted them to be nice and soft when I put them in the enchiladas. Cook until the onions are translucent. In a wide shallow bowl, mix enchilada sauce, tomato sauce, chili powder and water; set aside. Shred both cheeses and mix together in a bowl (don't use pre-shredded cheese, it won't melt right). Line up the bowls of cheese, onions and enchilada/tomato sauce by the stove to make it easier when assembling the enchiladas. Warm a skillet with oil just covering bottom of skillet. Soften tortilla in the pan just until it becomes a little limp, just a few moments. Then dip the heated tortilla into the enchilada/tomato sauce mixture and place into a greased square or rectangular casserole dish. Fill the tortilla with cheese and onions, probably about a 1/4 cup of cheese or a handful. Repeat this process until the dish is full (I made 14 enchiladas with this recipe). Pour remaining sauce evenly over the enchiladas and top with remaining cheese and onions. Bake at 35o degrees for 10-12 minutes, or until the cheese is melted, it took longer than 12 minutes for me!

These enchiladas were delicious! Even my sister who isn't usually a fan of cheese enchiladas liked them. The whole process of making the enchiladas was a little bit messy, but it was worth it. If you have leftovers, make sure you heat them until the cheese inside is melted again. We had chips and salsa, refried beans and guacamole with the enchiladas.


  1. Bailey,
    I have poured Hormel chili w/no beans on top of cheese enchiladas and it was yummers!

    Thanks for the recipe.

    Jessica's mom
    Hillary's too

  2. sounds yummy, thanks for the tip
    and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sounds easy enough. But I hate messy. Oh well, I'll give it a try. And thanks for the blog tip, I got a cute background--not as thematic as yours, but I like it.